Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

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writing your own wedding vows

writing your own wedding vowsEvery couple that I work with is naturally concerned about the perfect wording of their wedding vows.  In my wedding planning booklet, I provide ten different options for wedding vows.   Many couples find one of the ten ideal.

Other couples take one of these ten options and tweak it so that it’s perfect for their ceremony.  Still others write their own vows.  And for those couples, I provide three examples of vows that couples I’ve married have written.  It’s a helpful starting point.

But how do you go about writing your own wedding vows?  

Here is brief “how to” video on writing your own wedding vows from (you gotta love the name of their company).  It’s light and fun providing helpful advice.  Just click on the link below!

 Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

So here’s a few takeaways from the video on writing your own wedding vows:

[list style=”arrow” color=”yellow”]
  • Check with your officiant.  I always agree — it’s your wedding no mine!  My job is to support you.
  • Humor works.  Don’t be afraid of using humor, it gives your vows personality and life.
  • Go with your heart.  Briefly tell what you mean to each other and your hopes for the future
  • Be realistic.   Make promises that you can keep.  You’re human and we make mistakes in life.  Tell how you’ll get back on track when you make mistakes.
  • Practice makes perfect.  Read your vow statement over and over before your ceremony.  Make sure people can hear what you want to say.[/list]

Looking for examples of great personalized wedding vows?  Send me an email request through my contact form, and I’ll pass on three great examples.

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