Tips to Make it Through the Wedding in One Piece

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wedding stress

wedding stressDon’t dehydrate – It is hard to remember to drink before your wedding. While you’re getting your hair done, you may have champagne but once the makeup is done, you’re inclined to not want to drink. It is super important to drink plenty of water and have a bottle or two of Gatorade on standby (with a straw so you don’t mess up your lipstick). Remember though, that water and Gatorade must come back out. One bride recommends that when you do have to go to the bathroom, sit on the toilet backward as if you’re getting on a motorcycle. That way you don’t get any on your dress. I haven’t tried that tip myself but I thought I’d pass it on.

You can get really hot in your dress. – Wedding dresses can be very heavy and very hot. Add to that the fact that you may perspire just from the excitement and stress of the moment and be prepared! Many brides recommend Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel between your thighs to minimize chafing. In a pinch, baby powder or anti-perspirant may do, but be sure that whatever you use, you apply it before you put it on your dress.

Put someone in charge of your stuff. – Your wedding day will be a whirlwind. You’re whisked from hair to makeup to the ceremony with pictures and questions and chaos in between. Make sure you know who has your purse, keys and cell phone and be sure that they won’t be leaving before you do.

Be ready for dress stains. – No matter how careful you are, there’s the chance that you may get some lipstick or anything on your dress. Keep a Tide pen handy for such emergencies. If your dress is white it may be a good idea to keep some chalk on hand. You can go over any little spot with it, whether it’s foundation that rubbed off, sweat, or dust from the floor.

Work on your arms. – It’s surprising how many of your pictures will feature your arms and back. There are pictures of you hugging your groom, holding up your bouquet, tossing your bouquet, feeding your hubby, and a million other things. Your arms are the stars of these shots. I worked hard on my arms in the months before my wedding and the day before, I got a body wrap. That was one of the best decisions I made!

Have flats on hand. – You spend a great amount of time on your feet during your ceremony and reception. Achy feet are an incredibly unwelcome distraction. You may want to have some flip flops or flats on hand to change into. My dress was so big and flowy that I wore flats throughout the ceremony and only changed into my heels for the garter toss when my feet were visible.

Know who is in charge of your gifts. – Your guests will bring you tons of gifts and often a fair amount of cash. Be prepared with a plan for who will collect and store your gifts until you’re back from your honeymoon. The same applies to the top layer of your cake if you intend to save it. The best way to preserve the top layer is to freeze it right away to get it to harden. Then wrap it in plastic wrap super tight three or four times. Then wrap it in aluminum foil once and return it to the freezer. Be sure that the person in charge of this knows how to do it.

Create a survival kit. – You should pack a small sewing kit in case of wardrobe malfunctions, tissues, lip gloss and mascara, band aids for uncomfortable shoes, Tums, aspirin, water, Gatorade, deodorant, hair pins, and nail polish. Hopefully you won’t need any of them but better safe than sorry.

Source:  Tina Brown as posted on HuffPost Weddings

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