This Spiritual Philosophy Could Transform Your Relationships

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You can’t have unity without diversity. The trick is to find the unity in diversity. Hear me out: Many spiritual philosophies say that while we are all different, our collective evolution—as people, as a society—unifies us. While no two people are the same, two people can still be one. As evidenced by mindbodygreen’s mantra, You. We. All., our true power comes through when we understand and respect one another, when we connect through our common purpose as people on this planet.

Let’s gather ourselves right here, right now. Here are four things you can do today to bring a little unity to the space around you:

1. Remind yourself that you’re not alone.

No matter how isolated you might feel, make a point of telling yourself that you are not alone. You’re connected to everyone and everything around you. Join in with the world around you. It could be by saying a friendly hello to strangers on your way to work. It could be by grabbing a friend and giving back to the natural spaces you spend time in. It could be as simple as eye contact. A smile. A compliment. Search for the connections you would otherwise ignore in your day. Immerse yourself in your community by becoming a connector. Spark talks. Trigger smiles. Bring people together in the space around you.

2. Know that there is a lot you don’t know.

This knowledge will help you have respect and empathy when interacting with others. Understand that you don’t know what someone is going through, and allow yourself to just be in space with them without judgment. Understand what others need, and respect that.

3. Find a common purpose.

Stand on the same ground. Connect over your passions, goals, and what lights up the world around you all. It could be books; it could be family; it could be the coffee cup someone is holding! Challenge yourself to find the unity in every situation, however big or small.

4. Search for empathy.

Put the “stand” in “understand.” Taking a walk in someone else’s shoes isn’t really always realistic, but standing beside them is. You don’t always need to completely understand someone to be understanding. Be energetically empathetic. We can all relate to anyone’s hurt. When you find yourself seeking unity with others, think to yourself, “I feel you.” It’s OK to stay in that space rather than feeling you need to fix it or get the person out of it. Be in it with them.

Make unity your ritual. Make unity a habit. Make unity your routine. Make it as natural for you to unify those around you as it is to take a breath.

Source: MindBodyGreen

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