A Valentine’s Day Reflection – The Greatest Love of All

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the greatest love of all

the greatest love of allI think my first memory of Valentine’s Day was being in the 4th grade.  I have this picture of me sitting at my desk cutting out crepe paper red hearts and drawing arrows and then making lists of girls to give these etchings to.  I don’t recall if there were any boys on my list.

I then recall that during my teen years my mother started giving our family small gifts on Valentine’s Day.  I seem to remember receiving my first razor on a Valentine’s Day.  There wasn’t much to shave but it did feel like some sort of passage, maybe not into adulthood but a smoother face.

Fast forward to adulthood and the benefit of some great relationships including my primary one with my partner.  Recall that I shared some lessons that I am learning in last month’s 25th anniversary post.

So much of my life has been an “inside-out” job.  Maybe it is because of my childhood, maybe because I am such an introvert, maybe because I was a Roman Catholic seminarian for so long.  Maybe it’s a combination of all three.  Who knows. But one of the lessons that Valentine’s Day reminds me of are the words I heard long ago from a street troubadour on a Boston street singing The Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston:

[blockquote type=”blockquote_quotes”]The greatest love of all is easy to achieve.  Learning to love yourself.  It is the greatest love of all.[/blockquote]

Maybe it’s by loving ourselves and finding a sense of personal acceptance and peace that we create a true clearing to love and be loved by another.  Maybe . . .

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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