The Greatest Love of All

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“The Greatest love of all is the love we give ourselves.”  Many of us can recall these lyrics from that wonderful Whitney Houston song.  While Whitney lives beyond time now, the truth of these words were never so timely.   This is particularly meaningful as we consider entering committed, long-term relationships and marriage.

For the most part, our idea of the perfect mate – Price or Princess Charming – is a Hollywood concoction.  It’s the person who reads our minds, sweeps us off our feet, and makes everything right.  The truth is that our happiness and fulfillment are our responsibility.

And if I can step out on the ledge a bit, I think until we get this right, until we turn the spotlight of responsibility for our happiness from others to ourselves, we will never have successful adult committed relationships.  As wedding officiant Donna Henes states: “our primary love relationship has to be with ourselves.”

Ms . Henes recommends that we “have a love affair with yourself.”  Here are  four important actions:

– Get to know yourself;

– Take interest in yourself;

– Please yourself; and

– Court yourself

Indeed, the greatest love of all the love we give ourselves.

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