Remembering Those Who Have Died in Your Wedding Ceremony

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Nearly every couple has family members who passed away that have been very dear to them.  Many want a way to bring the memory of these people into their wedding ceremony.  There are a number of ways of remembering those who have died in such a way that is joyful and respectful.  Here are three ideas:

The Prayer of the Faithful:

Remembering deceased friends and family by name during the Prayer of the Faithful is a wonderful way to “make present” their memory.  Many couples that I have had privilege of marrying include a prayer intention similar to this:

“For those who live beyond time – in a special way we remember Diana Wertz, Thomas Flavin, and Julio Gancha – may the sure knowledge of their presence in the Kingdom of God by an inspiration to Jennifer and Michael throughout their married life.”

Here are two other ways to remember relatives and friends:

Light a candle:

Have a memorial candle burning during your ceremony in remembrance of your loved one.  Or a have family members and or friends come up during the ceremony and light a remembrance candle.

Moment of silence:

Ask your officiant to simply call for a moment of silence in memory of loved ones.  It can last just a moment or two.

In all of life, but particularly during defining moments like wedding celebrations, the people who have made us who were are remain very much present.  Death does not lessen that connection.   Incorporating their memory into a wedding ceremony can be a wonderful way to honor that memory.

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  • Nicole says:

    I lost my father 2 years ago. I also lost my niece and grandparents. I’m trying to figure out what I want the officiant to say durning the ceremony. We have 3 little candles that we are going to light along with a short song. A candle for my dad, my niece and our grandparents that have passed. Do you have any ideas how I can word this to give to the officiant?

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