Real Wedding Survey – Top Findings

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Real Wedding Survey

Real Wedding and’s annual Real Wedding Survey revealed that the average amount spent on a wedding in 2012 was $28,427, with couples dropping more cash than they have in the past four years on all aspects of the event.

This year’s Real Wedding Survey also revealed regional wedding differences, the latest bridal trends and, for the first time, same-sex wedding trends. Check out these findings:

Length Of Engagements:  The most popular month to get engaged is December (16 percent of engagements happened that month) and the average length of an engagement is 14 months. The most popular month to get married is June (17 percent of weddings).

Same-Sex Wedding Trends:  For the first time, the study included findings about same-sex weddings. Same-sex couples were found to have longer engagements and tended to be older at the time of their weddings, compared to heterosexual couples. They’re also more likely to have a casual wedding and report having fewer wedding guests. Same-sex couples spent slightly more on their overall wedding costs and more per guest.

Biggest Wedding Budget: Manhattan couples spend the most on their weddings, with an average budget of $76,678.

Smallest Wedding Budget: Couples spend an average of $15,504 on their weddings in Alaska.

Average Age Of Brides And Grooms: The average marrying age was 29 for brides and 31 for grooms. Hawaii is home to the oldest brides (33, on average) and Utah has the youngest (25, on average).

Cost Of A Wedding Dress: The average amount spent on a wedding dress was $1,211. Manhattan brides spent the most ($2,877 on average), while Idaho brides spend the least ($878).

Number Of Guests: The average number of guests is 139. To find the biggest weddings, head to Utah — the average number of guests is 209. Nevada weddings are the smallest, with an average of just 64 guests.

Most Popular Colors: The most popular wedding color was blue, followed by purple, green and metallics.

Who’s Going On A Honeymoon?  Couples from Savannah, Georgia, were the most likely to take a honeymoon (90 percent booked one). Couples from Alaska were the least likely — just 44 percent booked a honeymoon.

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