Questions To Ask A Wedding Officiant

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questions to ask a wedding officiant

questions to ask a wedding officiantLet’s face it, your wedding ceremony is the centerpiece of your wedding day.  Selecting the right wedding officiant is key.  The Association of Wedding Officiants recommends asking a prospective officiant these questions:

1.  Are you registered to perform weddings in my location?

2.  How long have you officiated weddings?

3.  About how many weddings you do per year?

4.  What training have you had?

5.  Will you go to my location to do a ceremony?

6.  What type of ceremonies will you perform?

7.  What are your rules as to photography?

8.  Is  pre-marital counseling required?

9.  Do you have ceremony samples?

10. What are the fees charged?

Don’t be shy.  Any officiant should be able to answers these questions clearly and directly.  Find the best officiant for your style, personality, and current values.  Good luck.

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