Questions To Ask When Selecting A Wedding Officiant

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Wedding officiantAs you consider selecting a wedding officiant, I’d like to recommend four questions to ask him/her.

Will you allow us to personalize our wedding? 

I think this is the most important question.  The officiant needs to be committed to telling your story and respecting your current values and spirituality.  A great ceremony needs to be about the couple, not about the officiant.

Can we get married where we want? 

This includes outside of a church building.  For example, the Roman Catholic Church will not marry anyone outside of the building.   I’ve had the opportunity to marry people on the beach, the mountains, wine vineyards, and even museums.  Great venues help create great ceremonies.

What is your backup in case you can’t attend?

While certainly terrible, emergencies for officiants can happen.  This includes sickness or a serious accident.  Does your officiant have someone to cover?

These are simple and straightforward but incredibly important as you consider selecting the officiant who will give life to your ceremony.  Find someone who you feel connected and together you’ll create the wedding of your dreams!

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