Non-Denominational Wedding Blessing

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Wedding Blessing

Wedding blessingAt the end of every wedding ceremony there is a nuptial blessing.  This is a final prayer in the name of the community for blessings and well wishes for the couple.  I recently came across the following non-denominational wedding blessing.  Tweak it for your own ceremony.

“Source of all love and life, we thank you for the love that has grown between these two people and for the commitment they have made to one another. Bless their marriage and fill their union with grace and joy.

My they grow together into the image of your own nature. Give them the grace to forgive and receive forgiveness, a love that overflows to others around them, and a home that is a haven of blessing and peace.

Make this relationship a living and constant proof of your power to transform lives and of the possibilities that come with love that seeks the other’s good. We thank you for this mystery of wonderful unity that shows us something about your love and commitment to us all.”

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