10 New Year Resolutions for Newly Engaged Couples

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New Yeer ResolutionAccording to National Wedding and Marriage Examiner Elizabeth Oakes everyone has goals they’d like to meet, and the New Year seems to be the time when we evaluate our lives and promise ourselves that we will recommit to working hard, paying off our debts, decluttering, and losing those last ten pounds.

Some of you have taken on an additional goal for this year: getting married.  Congratulations!  Here are some special resolutions just for you, but don’t let these stop you from accomplishing your other aspirations as well.  You’re going to be very busy–good luck!

10 New Year Resolutions for  Newly Engaged Couples

1. We will carefully examine what we want and need from our wedding day, and stick to our vision despite outside influences, either personal or commercial.  If we have two entirely different ideas of our wedding we will find a compromise that fulfills both our needs, even if that means having two or more ceremonies (his tropical beach with just us, her princess dance in front of hundreds of friends.)

2.  We will create a budget and stick to it, and we will not go into debt and mortgage our future for a single day’s events.  Our ability to be financially responsible and save for the home/car/insurance/education/children/retirement and all else we want and need in our lives will not be corrupted by childish whims. conspicuous consumption, or any indulgence beyond our current monetary means.

3.  We will listen to each other and share the experience (and work) of planning this important day together, and each do our part with due diligence, remembering to note and be appreciative of each other’s ideas, assistance, and contributions.

4.  We will carefully monitor each other’s well-being and, if the wedding planning process ceases to be pleasant–or worse, causes intense stress in one of us or strain on our relationship–we will allocate time/budget to seek outside help to ease our burden, be it from a professional therapist. clergyperson, or a professional wedding planner.

5.  We will remain mindful and acknowledge with thanks our debt to our family, friends, and community members throughout the years who taught us the true value of love, whether those lessons were learned via positive or negative examples.

6.  We will have fun!

7.  We will maintain a healthy perspective about our wedding, remembering that our marriage is the prize to be valued beyond all else.  Flurbles in our wedding day or the misbehavior of others will not detract from that value and integrity of our marriage unless we allow them to.

8.  We will find one unique and memorable way to express our love to one another on or about our wedding day, and we might even keep it a secret until the moment we choose to reveal it (see #6.)

9.  We will begin or continue to develop and deepen a practice of gratitude for our partner’s love in our life, and show that gratitude in a multitude of ways on a regular basis for our whole lifetime, starting right now.

10.  We resolve to live our life as a team from this day forward, and to do whatever it takes through our wedding and our marriage to keep our relationship and household healthy, happy, and productive in every way–this year and every year.  We will encourage, inspire, and share our blessings of love with everyone we can, we vow to always use our married superpowers for good in our home and in our community.  We will rock this world with our beautiful example of devotion, patience, affection, generosity, good humor, and good times, and make every day a New Year’s Day to be celebrated with hope and joy.

Make it so, a sweet and long life to you all, and Happy New Year!

SourceNational Wedding Examiner articles ©2009 by Elizabeth Oakes

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