Kids At Weddings: Yes or No?

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kids at weddings

kids at weddingsKids may be the cutest wedding guests, but for many brides and grooms-to-be, they are also the most problematic.

Last week, Redditor ktul7455 shared a Facebook post from a mother who was “so ticked” because her cousin, who is getting married in July, told her the wedding venue was too small to accomodate her five children. The post sparked debate among Reddit users, many of whom argued that it was perfectly acceptable to ban children from weddings because of budget constraints or simply because it’s the marrying couple’s prerogative to do so.

On Sunday, we reached out to our followers on Twitter and Facebook, asking them whether they thought it was OK to tell guests that kids aren’t invited to the wedding. Click through the slideshow below to see what readers on both sides of the debate had to say, then share your thoughts in the comments.

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