Jenna and Greg Wedding Testimonial

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Reverend Bill Freeman is a wonderful choice for any couple looking to create the wedding of your dreams! Our ceremony was incredibly personal; both our my families were impressed!! (This speaks volumes as both of our families are religious, and my husband and I aren’t as consistent as we should be about attending church).

We searched for a while to find the right officiant who was going to create the right mood and share in our beliefs. What struck me initially was Bill’s amazing attention to detail on his website and his quick responses to our countless emails. Bill is very thoughtful about the entire process and helps you plan it out step by step. After I spoke with Bill (our initial conversation was about 45 minutes on over the phone) I knew he was the right choice. Bill was incredibly personable and easy to talk to about our vision. He was very flexible and understood the challenges of trying to plan a wedding without having both individuals present as my husband was stationed out of state for several months (Army).

Bill goes to great lengths to provide you with the guidance and support every bride/groom could ever need. With so many details, Bill made it very easy to create the perfect ceremony. He provided us with a framework and a step by step process of how to create our dream wedding!

After we met in person, both my husband and I felt instantly feel at peace –his friendly disposition and genuine passion for what he does made our wedding even more special. Perhaps what we loved best was his kind spirit and warmth prior to and during the ceremony. He also incorporated all of the little details which made the “story of us” lovely to listen to for all to share.

Bill puts a tremendous amount of time and care into his clients. I made changes to our ceremony script more than six times! Yes, more than six times and he did not complain at all…not once! (He has an overwhelming amount of patience). You cannot go wrong

–Jenna and Greg (Indoor Interfaith wedding ceremony), from Laurel, MD

Wedding Ceremony Venue: Simper Fidelis Memorial Chapel, Triangle, VA

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