Beautiful Wedding Eyes

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“In your eyes, I can see my dream’s reflections. In your eyes, I found the answers to my questions.  In your eyes, I can see the reasons why our love’s alive.   In your eyes, we’re drifting safely back to shore, and I think I’ve finally learned to love you more. ”

In Your Eyes by Jeffrey Osborne

There are just so many things I really, really like about weddings.  It’s such a privilege to be invited into a couple’s’ life at a wonderful time of new beginnings.  I get to hear the story of how they discovered love and then help them craft a ceremony that gives life and meaning to this magnificent occasion.

We work to develop a ceremony that is deeply personal, telling the story of how they found each other.  And then I get to stand before the couple – their friends and family – and present their ceremony in a way that honors their commitment to love each other until the end of time.

But there’s more.  As I stand before the couple, after all the planning and preparation, I witness something so magical – so deeply wonderful.

It’s in the softness of love that I’ve seen again and again in a bride’s eyes as she looks into those of her partner.  It’s a warmth and softness that is deeply accepting and incredibly new.

Beyond the prose and promises – as beautiful as they are – the love that is held so dearly “in your eyes” says it better than anything else.

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