5 Suggestions for Great Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies

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Outdoor wedding ceremonies can be absolutely amazing.  I’ve had the honor of officiating at many.  Venues have ranged from beachfronts and mountaintops to Washington DC landmarks and vineyards.   While these venues are often spectacular there are concerns that if overlooked can ruin a wedding.  Consider these five:

1.  Have a backup plan.  What will you do if it rains?  The ideal wedding location has an indoor location available if the weather doesn’t cooperate.  If there isn’t an indoor option, think about renting a tent or an available indoors location close by. Be sure to identify an alternative “rain location” on your invitations.

2.  Make your guests comfortable.  What type of weather is anticipated?  If it’s sunny and hot, don’t leave your guests baking under the heat.  Consider printing your wedding program on a fan so that guests can fan themselves.  Have sunscreen on hand.   For unbearable hot weather, check out renting large electric fans.

3.  Can everyone hear?  For a beach location, think of the roar of the waves, wind, kids running around screaming, or a enthusiastic volleyball game all easily within ear shot.   Look into renting a sound system with clip mikes for the bride, groom, and officiant.  Your DJ can help with this.

4.  Where’s the sun?  Consider the timing of your event so that it’s close to sunset so that you can enjoy the warm glow of the sun without its glare.  Have your rehearsal the day before at the same time so that you can stage your wedding with the sun on your back and not in your eyes.

5.  Are permits required?  Don’t forget to contact the city parks department or local government for any needed permit for an outdoor wedding.  Make sure you’re aware of any rules regarding cleanup and trash removal.

With this simple checklist, your wedding can be spectacular.  If I can help, contact me.

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