Have you ever witnessed an objection at a wedding?

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Yes, I have. It made for an awkward reception.

I was dating this guy who was one of the groomsmen in the wedding party. He mentioned that the bride and groom were going through a bit of a rough patch. Clearly, an understatement.

During the ceremony, the bride objected. The venue where the ceremony was due to take place was packed and everyone was in shock. Oddly enough, the groom was the only one who didn’t appear all that shocked. If anything, he looked a bit relieved.

The bride’s parents were pissed! The father of the bride approached his daughter and insisted she go through with the ceremony, which only made things more awkward. It was so quiet, you could make out everything they were saying. It didn’t help that her father was yelling. She and her fiancé hugged each other, held hands and she announced that they weren’t going to go through with the remainder of the ceremony. We didn’t know how to react. Should we clap? Should we be upset? Should we be sad? The bride then said that everyone was welcome to stay as everything was paid for and “we shouldn’t let this party go to waste.”

Awkwardly, everyone flowed into the room next door where the reception was due to take place.

It was a tense reception. The would-be bride and groom stood on opposite sides of the room. The bride’s parents were pissed. I mean, they had spent a ton of money on a wedding that never took place. The father of the bride kept telling everyone that “these idiots (referring to the bride/groom) could’ve said something months ago instead of having me spend $100,000 on this sham of a wedding!” It was definitely a classy affair and clearly no expense had been spared. I could see why her father was unhappy.

The couple had been high school sweethearts and remained together through college and law school as well. Apparently, they had fallen out of love but thought they should stay together out of obligation. I get it. I think it’s best they went their separate ways but I do think they could’ve broken up earlier to avoid spending all of that money/time.

Source: By Chiara Duff through Quora

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