Essential Tools For Getting Through Life’s Toughest Struggles

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We all hope for a life free of struggles. But of course we know challenges are an inevitable part of life. A few tools can help you glide through the hard parts and get to the good. Even though we know our “ideal” life won’t actualize overnight, we stay strong and determined to make sure it gets better as each new day unfolds.

Are you ready to live a smoother life? If so, here are five essential tips to make this a reality:

1. Strengthen your relationships.

Life is far from complete without those we care about around us. And there are no two ways about it: To live a better life in 2017, you’ll need the help of those you love—your friends and family. So make sure to take the time and energy to strengthen your relationships. 

Have you been offended or hurt by a close friend? Now is the best time to put your anger away and follow the path of love. Get close to your friends, partners, children, parents, siblings, and other people you’re certain will make your life fun. Nothing brings about an emotional peace like seeing those you care about around you.

2. Write your life.

You only know you are making improvements when you look into your diary and find a habit (or something else) you once lived with but have dropped. Don’t keep it all in your brain. Get a notebook and write it.

Write out your mistakes, little achievements, and things you seem to struggle with. With this information on a book, it’ll be much easier to track your progress, discover your mistakes, and count your achievements.

Didn’t take journal writing seriously in the past? Well, you must not fail to make it a priority this year. Your life can be way better than it was in previous years. But it won’t take a different shape if you fail to add importance to a few relevant practices, like journaling.

3. Show gratitude.

First, you need to be thankful for who you are and the life you’re living. You know why? Because you are far better off than a lot of people out there.

Although you may not have secured the million-dollar deal you’ve long pursued, you still have enough money to pay the bills. You may not have yet found the love of your life, but you have friends who are there for you. That’s enough reason to be thankful!

Second, you have to show gratitude to those who deserve it. Got a favor from someone you least expected? Then show gratitude! Although you may not have received something “huge,” yet the fact here is you received SOMETHING. So, be thankful.

4. Take a goal at a time.

Sometimes, we make life difficult for ourselves. It’s impossible to break a habit, learn five new languages, travel around the world, and learn a few new dance steps in a week! Want to achieve your goals for the year? Then try to:

  • List your goals
  • Craft an actionable plan (a plan you intend to follow to achieve each goal)
  • Pick the most relevant goal on your list
  • Challenge yourself to achieve that goal before a specific time

When you set realistic goals and focus on one at a time, it becomes possible to achieve them all.

5. Make reading a habit.

Hate reading books, magazines, and blog posts? Well, there’s so much information you might be missing. Information is vital. And when you read, you discover a lot of new things and get exposed to several lesser-known facts about life.

Reading can help you make the right choices. It can also help improve your life and make you a better person. So, to live your “dream” life this year, you’ve got to fall in love with reading.

Were you unable to live a fulfilled life in the past? Well, now is the time to start working toward making a difference. So, love more, learn more, and appreciate more.

Be the best version of YOU!

Source: MindBodyGreen


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