Emily and Keenan Wedding Testimonial

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Rev. Bill was exactly what we were looking for in an officiant for our wedding – we are so glad we found him and that he lived up to his excellent reviews! From the first time we sat down to meet Rev. Bill, we got along very well – he was extremely personable, asking us lots of questions about us and our relationship and explaining why he loves officiating weddings. You can tell just from the way he talks about it that he truly loves what he does – and it shows through all the time and effort he will put into your wedding. He was very prompt, sending us templates and outlines and helping us build our wedding ceremony, from selecting readings to reviewing the script a few times to ensure each piece was exactly how we wanted it. He made the ceremony very “us” (feedback we got from many of our guests!) and the words he used were meaningful, relevant, and matched with exactly the feel we’d described to him during all the planning. In summary, you cannot go wrong with choosing Rev. Bill to be your wedding officiant! He listens to you, and manages to truly capture you as a couple – resulting in a meaningful ceremony you and your guests will remember for years to come! Thank you so much, Rev. Bill!!
– Emily and Keenan (Outdoor Christian wedding ceremony), from Arlington, VA

Wedding Ceremony Venue: Murray Hill, Leesburg, VA

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