Does It Need to be Said?

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Talking and listening

Talking and listeningThe success of any relationship is built on learning how to communicate.  This is as much about when to speak as it is about what to say.  I’m not so sure that we “fall out of love” as much as we “fall out of communication.”

I want to pass on some sage advice that was shared with me a while ago.  We all have the natural tendency to fire off answers in lots of situations.  This is especially true in tense and challenging times.  I know that’s true for me.

Here’s a thought.  Next time you’re perplexed or disturbed with someone else and you’re ready to fire off a response, ask yourself these three simple questions before responding:
[list style=”arrow” color=”yellow”]

  • Does it need to be said?
  • Does it need to be said now?
  • Does it need to be said by me?[/list]

I have these three questions on a Post It note on my monitor.  Maybe you might find these helpful as well.

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