Consider Hiring a Wedding Planner

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Wedding planner

Wedding plannerYou’ve dreamed your whole life of falling in love with just the right person. You have in your head the scenario of the perfect wedding. Now you are engaged and it’s time to make your dream wedding come true.

Then reality hits.

You never imagined the hundreds of details, the myriad of choices, challenges of managing a budget, and the ever expanding demands of wedding planning. Here is list of just some of the things you’ll need to do:
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    • Select your wedding date
    • Develop a budget
    • Visit and select the ideal wedding venue
    • Interview and select your officiant
    • Manage your budget
    • Find the perfect wedding rings
    • Order stationery and send out invitations
    • Decide where you’ll have your reception
    • Plan for your rehearsal and the post-rehearsal dinner
    • Select the caterer
    • Pick out the wedding cake
    • Select the photographer
    • Manage your budget, yet again . . .
    • Get your marriage license
    • Organize stag/hen parties
    • Figure out the table seating
    • Become a bank as your manage required payments
    • Select your wedding dress
    • And more . . .

Your dream wedding can very easily morph into a nightmare of details, personalities, conflicts, and changes. It can seem like “the world” doesn’t get your dream and even worse, wants to sabotage it!  This can lead to a lot of tension – particularly between you and your partner.

But there is an alternative. Consider hiring a wedding planner.

Now you might be thinking that you can’t afford a wedding planner. But the reality is that wedding planners save money, keep your vision of the perfect wedding ever present, help you select great vendors, negotiate the best prices and keep your planning in motion. And wedding planners relieve stress!

But best of all – you have a seasoned and knowledgeable professional at your side every step of the way. The result is that you get to enjoy the process of seeing the vision of your wedding unfold.

I’m at a lot of weddings and without question those with a wedding planner go off far better than those without. These weddings have a wonderful style and the couples enjoy the experience of both planning their wedding and are able to “stay in the moment” on their special day.

I recommend hiring a wedding planner.

I’ve worked with a number of great wedding planners but there is one who stands out – Susan Smith of Simply Elegant Weddings (571-263-9500) for couples in the Metro Washington DC. The weddings that she does are wonderful and come off without a hitch.

In a recent email to me, Susan said:

The biggest value in hiring a wedding planner is having someone who is experienced that can guide you through the planning decisions while relieving stress, providing peace of mind, and having fun in the process. When working with couples, I systematically help them plan their wedding one step at a time.

In the beginning it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the decisions that have to be made so I prioritize the vendors that need to be hired according to what’s important to the couple. We discuss budget, design elements, and step-by-step put all the pieces together. Having a planner on your side who can asked the right questions, remember all the details, and be the contact person for all the vendor interactions takes so much pressure off the couple.

Where I am able to save a tremendous amount of time is in referring my clients to vendors who fit their needs perfectly. I am able to quickly identify which vendor will fit in their budget, understand their vision and style, and who will also connect with them personally. Once all the vendors are hired I determine a timeline for the wedding day, attend the rehearsal and will be there from start to finish on the wedding day. As I tell the couples that I work with, the day of the wedding all they have to do is show up and have fun. I will take care of everything else and especially, make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Susan has three wedding planning packages that can fit most any budget. These include:

Full Service – Help with everything and anything. Perfect for the newly engaged. The duration is from the engagement through the wedding day.

Partial Service – For those who are in the middle of the planning process and can’t do it anymore. Susan comes in, picks up the pieces and makes it all work. Duration from the day of hire to the wedding day.

Day of Wedding Service – For those couples who have planned their wedding but need help executing their vision. Duration from one to two months before the wedding to the wedding day.

With the right help you can have the wedding of your dreams and enjoy this wonderful time as you plan the perfect day.

Please understand that I have no relationship with Susan Smith and Simply Elegant Wedding and there is no financial or other benefit to this recommendation other than that of helpful advice.

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