Children in the Wedding Ceremony

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The idea involving very young children in the wedding ceremony sounds wonderful. It could be as a flower girl or boy or as the ring barrier. We all picture these adorable children adding a wonderful charm to any ceremony.

Think again.

From my experience it doesn’t work. All too often the child becomes either frightened or confused and starts crying or just freezes. I officiated at a wedding last June where an adorable three year-old boy – seeing all the adults looking at him – ran away!  We waited for ten minutes while his dad retrieved him.

Here’s a workaround.

Instead of having one child, have a two or three children walk together or have the parent walk with the child. Be sure to have the child(ren) at the wedding rehearsal and have them practice what they are going to do.

Furthermore, have them meet the officiant. Be sure to let them know how wonderful it is for them to be involved and what a present it is to you that they are part of your wedding ceremony.

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