Big Wedding Savings

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Big Wedding Savings

Big Wedding SavingsI was recently reminded of  how wise it is to have a wedding on a day other than Saturday.  You get all of the benefits of a great venue and often vendors at a big wedding savings.  I made this post originally on December 24, 2012 but it’s worth repeating.

According to my friends at WeddingWire, we are entering the most popular wedding planning time.  Forty-three percent of wedding engagements take place between November and January.  January is the number one month for wedding planning with most planning taking place in the January to April time period.  Now is a perfect time to ask the question:

What’s so special about a Saturday wedding? 

Sixty-seven percent of weddings take place on Saturday.  Simple economics tells us that where there is large demand and limited supply, prices go up.  Most couples want to get married on a Saturday.  No surprise that Saturday weddings cost the most.

The average cost of a wedding is $22,000.  The largest expense item of any wedding budget is the venue rental – often as much as 50% of the budget.   Having your wedding on another day of the week, say a Friday or Sunday, can reduce the venue rental cost by as much a 50%.

Last June I was the wedding officiant for a Thursday evening wedding ceremony at the Ceresville Mansion in Frederick, Maryland.  The couple got a first class venue and at a great price.

Couples often tell me that they want a Saturday wedding for the convenience of their guests – particularly those who are traveling.  But, why couldn’t a Sunday or Friday night work equally as well?  I bet that your wedding guests would understand your reasoning for an other-than-Saturday wedding.  Why not think about it?

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