Best time for a summer outdoor wedding ceremony

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outdoor wedding ceremony

outdoor wedding ceremonyOften couples that I have had the honor of marrying were initially attracted to me because I marry couples outside.  Outdoor wedding ceremony venues have ranged from beachfronts and mountaintops to vineyards and the Chesapeake.  And with the summer months approaching, I am already booked for a number of outdoor weddings.

Yet these wonderful venues aren’t without their challenges as I have written previously.

A common mistake that many couples make is scheduling their ceremony too early in the day, usually between 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm.  The challenge with this timing is that the sun is still high and strong.  It’s really hot.  You and your guests are sweating and uncomfortable.  Everyone is squinting in order to see.  The combination really takes away from what can be a beautiful event.

Here’s a workaround:  Schedule your ceremony later in the day – a 6:00 pm or 6:30 pm start time can make all the difference.  The sun is lower and the sunlight is not as harsh.  This leads to less squinting since the sun is not blasting on you, your bridal part and your guests.  Wedding photographers report that this provides a much better environment for pictures.

Small details well managed in advance, can make a big difference.  Happy planning

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