Beach Weddings – Boon or Bust?

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Beach weddings - Boon or Bust?

Beach weddings - Boon or Bust?Beach Weddings! The water gently splashing on the shore, the sun setting into the horizon and a joyful couple exchanging vows.

Wonderful picture, right?

Well, unless you’re Donald Trump and own the beach, think again.   There is going to be lots of people, noise and disruptions!  It’s a public beach; they’ve got as much right as you to be there.

Beach weddings present significant challenges not to mention that many photographers don’t want to cover these weddings – or charge a premium – because they’re reasonably concerned about sand in their cameras.

And then there is the challenge of taking pictures.  People will be running around you as pictures are taken.  While you photographer might be able to Photoshop those images out, the pictures your guests take will include these annoyances.

Here’s a workaround. Book your beach wedding through a club, association or even a restaurant that has access to an exclusive section of a beach.

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