Alexandra and Zach Wedding Testimonial

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Reverend Bill was a godsend and we feel so lucky that we found him! My mom really wanted us to have a Catholic wedding. My husband’s family is Christian – NOT Catholic. The Catholic diocese in our area was very strict about the rules by which we could get married in the church, which of course didn’t jive with the wedding day – outside ceremony space, Sunday, living an hour away from the town, etc. I didn’t want to break my mom’s heart, but I knew it wasn’t realistic for us to have a Catholic wedding. We also felt it would be nice to have a “neutral” officiant – from neither my side nor his. Thankfully, we found Rev. Bill. Before choosing to hire Rev. Bill as our officiant, my husband and I wanted to meet him in person. We had a lovely conversation with him about our relationship, vision, values, etc. After that meeting, we knew he was “the one.” Once we hired him, Rev. Bill sent us a sweet note and kind gift – he truly does care about his clients. In the months leading up to the wedding, Rev. Bill kept in touch and made sure we stuck to a timeline. We had total autonomy and designed our own ceremony, but he gave us tons of options and examples along the way, so we never felt lost in the process. Our wedding perfectly blended some Catholic prayers and structural elements with open-minded, welcoming, happy elements. Reverend Bill arrived early, fully prepared. I panicked because I hadn’t printed my vows, but of course he had them printed out and organized. He looked professional and delivered the most beautiful, personalized sermon. Everyone asked how we found him – he was SO perfect and seemed to know us SO well. Both our Catholic and non-Catholic relatives said they felt it was a joyful, sacred, memorable, wonderful wedding ceremony, and some even wanted his email to thank him afterwards! We couldn’t have been happier with Rev. Bill as our officiant, and we highly recommend him to all.
– Alexandra and Zach (Indoor Interfaith wedding ceremony), from Washington, DC

Wedding Ceremony Venue: Lost Creek Winery, Leesburg, VA

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