8 Tips to Maintain Balance & Sanity as a Working Bride

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Some days it is hard enough to check items off the ever-growing list of “To-Do’s” at the office. But, add to the mix the additional job of planning your wedding and life can get a little, well, “Insane!”

In fact, back in 2010, Forbes Magazine found out what happens when those of us that work plan our weddings on company time. According to those surveyed, brides “admitted” to spending at least 10 hours a week planning their weddings.

Since you probably didn’t get the gift of ‘10 Hours of Extra Time a Week’ as one of your engagement gifts, here’s my present to you: Eight tips help you keep your sanity while planning that stylish walk down the aisle.

1.  Remember: It’s a Marathon – Not a Sprint!

Pace Yourself! Don’t try to do everything in the very first week or even the first month of your engagement. Instead, concentrate on first adjusting to your new identity as a fiancé. Tell your friends, family, update your Facebook status, buy your bridal magazines, set up your Pinterest game and settle in for a fun ride. Make sure you find ways to enjoy the process—just like your wedding, it actually goes by much too quickly!

2. Get Organize!

Buy yourself a planning book. It’s fine to embrace technology (and you should). However, there is something to be said for the old-fashioned file folder or three-ring binder. Most books come complete with file folders where you can put pictures from magazines and printed proposals & contracts from vendors. Plus, the favorite tool of every working woman—checklists!

3. Embrace Technology

  • Create a separate email address to use for anything related to your wedding. Hello, Gmail.
  • Create an Evernote Wedding Notebook and use it for cloud storage as well as a tool to collaborate with your Mom, bridesmaids and even your fiancé, if he’s so inclined.
  • Color-code your calendar as a way to label your wedding appointments.
  • Start creating ideabooks on OneWed to save all the photos and inspiration you love.
  • Download a few wedding apps (there are only a couple hundred to choose from).
  • Create a bloglovin (or other tool) to help aggregate your favorite wedding blogs in an easy-to-read format.
4.  Hire a Wedding Planner
Don’t tell me, “I’d rather spend the money on something else,” or “I want to Do It All Myself.”  This is about maintaining your sanity, remember? Accept right now that you’re not going to be able to do everything yourself, stay gainfully employed and maintain the respect of your fiancé, friends, co-workers and family (who want you to continue to be ‘yourself’ in spite of this awesome project you’ve got going)!

wedding planner will do some of the preliminary research for you—that doesn’t mean he or she is going to ignore your wedding vision. Your planner is going to help you make the most of the limited time you have to interview vendors by recommending those who are available, will work within your budget and who understand the vision you want to create. He or she is even going to help you set up appointments so, you can actually focus (at least a majority of your day time) on work!

5.  Don’t Seat the Small(er) Stuff

Look at the bottom of your priority list. Maybe it is researching and booking the group block for out of town guests. Maybe it is picking out your Ketubah? What ever the least important decisions are to you, delegate them to someone else. This even means trusting your fiancé with the decisions he wants to make. It’s one more item off of your already crowded plate!

6.  Pick Three

Each week pick the three items on your list that you want to be sure to accomplish. That way, by the end of the week you’ll feel a sense of forward movement and you won’t be so consumed during your workday that you forget about the actual work you’re getting paid to do. Remember your work deadlines come first! If you don’t get to all three of your wedding tasks, but you do complete a big project at work, then you’re really better off in the long run!

7.  Take Care of Yourself!

Now is not the time to start stress eating, not sleeping or letting your face breakout. Stuck behind your computer as you browse OneWed? Take regular stretch breaks. Maintain your workout schedule (if you don’t already have one, now is the perfect time to start one). Drink plenty of water, eat your veggies and get your zzzzz’s!

And remember why you said YES in the first place. Spend time with your fiancé as a couple—without discussing wedding plans, budget or your future in-laws.

8.  Respect Your Co-workers

Don’t automatically assume your co-workers are going to pick up the slack for your work projects – or want to hear about each milestone you achieve as you plan your big day. Remember, they have lives too. If you know you’re going to need a day off to go on wedding appointments—schedule it in advance. Don’t just call in sick—no one is going to buy the excuse anyway and it will just create enemies out of people you have to work with after you’re married!

Regardless of if you have two months or two years to plan your wedding, the right mindset, team (get that wedding planner) and attitude will help you maintain your sanity while achieving success in the office and on your Wedding Planning Task List!

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