7 Choices You’ll Never Regret Making

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choicesLife moves at an ever-increasing pace. The distractions of work, activities, and other events keep us from focusing on the most important parts of life. Continuously missing opportunities to help others or to create memories becomes the norm.

But life doesn’t have to be so complicated. The decisions we make today create the memories we look back on in the future. One day, we’ll reflect on our lives with either a sense of joy or regret. Why not do something today that can ensure it’s a sense of joy?

The following are seven decisions you’ll never regret:

1. Going for a walk with someone you love.

There’s a bonding that happens at a soulful level when you walk and talk with someone you love. Worry fades and peace appears. Stress melts and hope reappears. The only walks you will regret are the ones you don’t take.

2. Sending a handwritten note.

Gratitude is the key that unlocks joy. Who have you thanked lately? The act of sending a handwritten note shows your true appreciation. It takes time and effort, but it’s well worth it. When you say thank you verbally, the words disappear as soon as they leave your mouth. But a handwritten note is something that can be saved and cherished forever.

Do you know a parent, teacher, coach, mentor, co-worker, or friend who has helped you in the past? You will never feel bad about sending someone special a handwritten note expressing how thankful you are for him or her and what he or she did for you.

3. Smiling.

Smiling improves your health and mood and makes you more attractive. Your smile is contagious, and it gives you the ability to improve other people’s days too. You never know what the next person you see might be going through, and though it might seem like such a small thing, your smile could be exactly what he or she needs in the moment. Give your smile to as many people as possible.

4. Encouraging someone.

Most people face difficult circumstances. The difficulty might be physical, financial, or spiritual, but nobody has it all together. Remember that regardless of what’s going on, we could all use a little encouragement once in a while.

Words have power. Your simple words of encouragement can mean the world to someone in his or her time of need. Be the encourager who brings hope to someone who sees hopelessness. Giving encouragement to others is something you will never regret.

5. Sharing a meal with friends.

Throughout history, the act of sharing a meal has been sacred. Relationships are strengthened around a table as bread is broken and plates are passed. Conversations come easier, bonds are built, memories are made.

Do you have friends you wish you could spend more time with? What about people you haven’t seen in a while but know you miss? It’s not too late to strengthen those bonds or reignite those relationships. Invite those you love to share a meal. It’s simple, but it’s oh-so-effective.

6. Exercising.

Your physical health determines the quality of your life. If you live long enough, you’ll undoubtedly face physical challenges, but exercising now can provide you with the physical health and strength to face whatever life might throw at you down the line. You might dread the exercise at the beginning of the workout, but you will never regret it when it is completed.

There is no better time than now to start exercising!

7. Keeping a gratitude journal.

Research has found that the practice of keeping a gratitude journal leads to better health and a more positive attitude. It’s also a great way to keep a record of the people, experiences, and things you’re grateful for and cherish. A gratitude journal is also an ideal place to reflect on how much you have to be thankful for when life gets difficult.

The act of concentrating on and remembering what you’re grateful for shifts your mind from focusing on things that bring you worry, anxiety, or fear.

Life is short.

Will you reach the end of your life with regrets or look back on a life that was filled with happiness and great memories? The choice is yours and the time to take action is now.

If today were your last day, what would you do? Who would you forgive or mend a relationship with? Who would you call or spend time with? Whatever your answers may be, do them today.

None of us knows how much time we have left, but we can all choose to live today like it was the last. No regrets.

Source: MindBodyGreen

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