5 Tips For Selecting Wedding Readings

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Selecting Great Wedding Readings

Selecting Great Wedding ReadingsSelecting wedding readings is a wonderful way to personalize your ceremony.  Readings allow a couple to choose one or two texts that have a special meaning to them.  Here are five easy tips for selecting the perfect wedding readings.

1.  Consider whether you want religious or non-religious readings.   Whether you are having one or two readings, decide if you want to use a religious text or a non-religious one.  For a religious reading, while there are beautiful texts from the Old and New Testaments, there are equally beautiful sacred readings from other faith traditions.  For non-religious readings, the choices are plenty.  Ask your officiant for suggestions.  Here is a link to a great Wedding Readings library.

2.  Discuss the feeing you want your reading(s) to convey.  What are you trying to express through our readings?  Do you want to make a personal statement or are you looking for more a general reading on the meaning of marriage?  Maybe a mix of the two?

3.  Decide how long you want the reading(s) to be.  Remember that your family and friends will be listening to the readings, not reading them.  Overly long readings can be difficulty to follow let alone remember.  The general rule of thumb is that you want to create a feeling.

4.  Create a balance in the readings.  If you are selecting more than one reading, seek a balance between the readings.  This could be with one religious reading and the other more secular.  Or one that is humorous and the other more serious.  Again, go with the feeling that you want to create.

5.  Decide who you want to do the readings.  Selecting family and friends as readers is a wonderful way to involved folks and to personalize your ceremony.  Make  sure to provide the readings to the readers before the ceremony so that they can practice.  There is nothing more disappointing than for couples to carefully select a text only to have the reader stumble through the reading during the ceremony.

These five tips are a beginning.  Use the comment section below to share your ideas.

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