5 Foolproof Ways To Breathe New Life Into Your Relationship

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black love1Tired of carrying over your old resolutions to the new year? Start 2017 in a new way. Rip up that “me-oriented” list and adopt some resolutions that help you better your relationship with your partner in the new year.

1. Do more thoughtful things for your partner.

After a couple has been together for a while, the familiarity and comfort can engender less thoughtful behavior. Put consideration and attentiveness back into your relationship. Identify meaningful or helpful ways that you can support your partner and make them feel that you’ve got their back.

2. Do more nurturing and sensual things for your partner.

A couple’s tendency to do nurturing things for each other can often fall by the wayside. Everyone arrives home exhausted and too drained to give of themselves. Touch (massages, caressing, tenderness) rarely happens outside of foreplay. Surprise your partner with a foot massage, hand massage, a head or back rub, or set up a warm bath with candles and music for them. Create a pleasurable experience where they can decompress and rejuvenate.

3. Do more loving things.

Demonstrating your affection for your partner is often something that falls away when couples become settled and secure. Add some romance to your life. Send flowers, write a love letter, share a glass of wine by the fire or sit outside and watch the sunset. Periodically let your partner know that you were thinking of and are appreciative of them in whatever way calls to them best.

4. Be more emotionally present.

It may have been a long time since you were 100 percent present when having a conversation with your partner. You look at your phone, check out, and even rush conversations along so you can get to the next thing. Take the time to be attentive to and present with your partner during a discussion. This type of connection creates a deep sense of feeling loved, accepted, and understood for your partner.

5. Show more gratitude.

It always feels good to be appreciated and acknowledged. Take the time to notice and comment on the big things as well as the little things they do for you. Praise them for their efforts and thoughtfulness. In addition to making your partner feel great, showing gratitude is also a positive reinforcer and will encourage more of this behavior.

Rolling into the new year, not only will you have a happy partner, but you will also create a renewed sense of connection between the two of you. By integrating these resolutions into your life, you are bound to get them back in spades.

Source: MindBodyGreen

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