5 Conversations Every Couple MUST Have Before Marriage

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conversationsRead this roundup of which conversations every couple MUST have before marriage:


Nothing says “we are newlyweds” more than the groom carrying the bride over the threshold of their home sweet home. Choosing your new apartment, condo, or townhouse is a task that is bound to stir a little tension. Are you going to rent or buy? Or are you going to live in the suburbs or the city? It is totally normal to have likes and dislikes when it comes to cooking and chores. Find out exactly what “clean” means to you and your significant other, and which pieces of furniture you would not mind keeping or getting rid of. It can save you from potentially sticky situations!


Dieting and exercising are important elements to a healthy relationship. How many times a week will you go to the gym? Or how many times a week will you make a home-cooked meal versus ordering take-out? Set small goals for each other. If one cooks a delicious dinner, then the other one should clean the dirty dishes. Better yet—set the table with the pretty plates and fancy flatware you received off your registry as gifts from family and friends. After accomplishing those achievements, treat yo’ selves! Perhaps with an ice cream sundae followed by a movie On Demand. You should also discuss your sleeping habits. Does one prefer to go to bed early and the other prefers to stay up late?


Your mom or dad probably told you over and over again, “Just wait until you have children one day. Then, you will understand.” If you and your fiancé(e) are planning to have a family, how many children do you want? Do you want to have them sooner rather than later? Depending on if you both have full-time jobs or businesses, you might need to search for childcare services or a nanny. Make sure you two also see eye-to-eye on how you would realistically like to raise them.


There will always be a long list of things to expense such as rent, mortgage, credit cards, and loans. Pick who should be the point person to manage these payments, and limit a maximum dollar amount that you each can spend without asking permission to purchase an item. You can opt to receive alerts if you go over as a precaution to keep your finances in check. Try to be understanding when it comes to money mishaps, it can be a sensitive topic!


Perhaps your fiancé(e) was raised Jewish, and you were raised Catholic. How necessary is it to you that your significant other switches to a different denomination? Would you feel comfortable sharing a commitment to a specific religion? Tackle the importance of the issue together.


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