5 Of The Most Aww-Worthy Celebrity Proposals

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marry meAround here, we love a big, blowout proposal (we’re looking at you, Nick Cannon), but we’re always delighted when celebrities pop the question in more creative and unexpected ways. We’ve rounded up five of the most aww-worthy celeb proposal stories. Enjoy our favorites below, and get some engagement ring inspiration while you’re at it!

1. Dwyane Wade to Gabrielle Union

Dwyane Wade’s proposal to Gabrielle Union was nothing if not a tearjerker. The couple was enjoying a low-key afternoon together with Wade’s three children, eating brunch and touring their under-construction home in Miami earlier this year, when Wade’s boys surprised Union by holding up signs that read, “Will you marry us?” Then, Union turned to see Wade down on one knee holding out a massive sparkler. A teary-eyed Union, of course, said “yes.”

The ring: Union’s cushion-cut beauty is 8.5 carats and worth nearly a million dollars. You can get a similar look (without the price tag) by choosing the same classic cut and plain band.

2. Pink to Carey Hart

Singer Pink proposed to her now-husband, motocross champ Carey Hart, in 2005. While Hart competed in a Mammoth, Calif. race, Pink held up a pit sign that read, “Will you marry me?” but Hart continued around the track without stopping. On his next lap, however, Pink’s sign read, “I’m serious!” Hart then pulled over and scooped us his beloved before saying a heartfelt “yes.”

The ring: Carey Hart gave Pink a beautiful 5-carat diamond after getting engaged in California. For a similar style, look for a round-cut ring with a diamond-encrusted band.

3. David Burtka to Neil Patrick Harris

David Burtka’s 2007 proposal to Neil Patrick Harris was simple and sweet: On their way home from a casino, Burtka asked the couple’s driver to pull over. He hopped out and got down on one knee, proposing to Harris on the street corner where the couple first met.

The ring: Both Burtka and Harris wear plain bands on their right hands — a great idea for men who want to wear engagement rings, or anyone who prefers a simpler look. For a similar style, choose a white-gold or platinum band.

4. Brady Smith to Tiffani Thiessen

When Brady Smith asked former “Saved by the Bell” star Tiffani Thiessen to be his wife, he made sure to make it memorable. The actor and artist crafted a handmade book about the couple’s relationship and presented it to her along with a proposal. Can you say “awww!” The pair married in 2005.

The ring(s): Thiessen wears a set of three gorgeous diamond stacking bands — so on-trend! Many jewelers offer similar looks, so find one in your price range if this style is for you.

5. Linda Perry to Sara Gilbert

Musician Linda Perry really went all out when she proposed to “The Talk” host Sara Gilbert! The couple was enjoying a picnic in a Los Angeles park last year when a nearby guitarist began playing one of Gilbert’s favorite songs. Suddenly, other picknickers pulled out instruments and Perry sang The Cure’s “Love Song” while changing into a series of t-shirts, each with one word in the sentence, “Will you marry me?” On top of all that, Perry had secretly invited several of the couple’s close friends and both of their mothers to be there after the proposal!

The ring: Sara Gilbert’s beautiful diamond is nestled in a stylish yellow-gold band. Choose a ring in this on-trend color for a similar look.

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