4 Ways to Be a Gracious Bride

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Gracious brideBeing a bride is a significantly special occasion in a woman’s life. While the bride is traditionally the center of attention during the wedding, she should still remember to be gracious and consider the feelings of others during the planning process and even on her big day. These tips will help ensure a bride appears elegant, courteous, considerate and kind throughout the entire wedding process.

1. Remember to thank everyone.

During the engagement season, the bride (and groom) will be showered with gifts at every occasion including the engagement party, bridal shower and wedding. Shortly after each gift is received, be sure to send out a personalized, handwritten thank-you card. This will go a long way as a show of your appreciation to your gift-bearer for them thinking of you. Also, if someone doesn’t present you with a wedding or bridal shower gift, you should understand that they are not obligated to do so, and should appreciate them showing their support by attending the event held in your honor.

2. Keep your bridesmaids in mind.

A bridesmaid’s job is to support the bride and make the stress that comes with the wedding process easier for her. That said, the bride should also consider her bridesmaids feelings when making decisions. For starters, the bride should request from her maids their budget for a dress, shoes, hair, makeup etc. and plan accordingly. Also, the bride should be sure to obtain special personalized thank-you gifts for all her ‘maids. Making your bridesmaids feel special and showing your thanks for their support will help ensure your friendship continues long after the wedding is over.

3. Remember that the groom’s opinion matters.

We tend to consider the wedding day as the bride’s day; however, the groom should also feel included and his opinions heard. Keep your fiancé in the loop with all major aspects of wedding planning and welcome his suggestions. Keep in mind that this is the most important day of your lives as a couple and the wedding should reflect both your personalities and interests.

4. Respect your elders.

Parents and grandparents play a tremendous role in your lives and should feel special and honored at your wedding. At the wedding ceremony, make sure they are given flowers and priority seating at the venue/church. Consider creating a special table at the reception just for them with a slightly different decor or even a special sign designating the table is reserved specially for them. Keep in mind, some of your close guests may have dietary restrictions so do your best to work out accommodations in advance.

Source:  Stacie Martin, HostPost Weddings

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