10 Signs You’re Comfortably (and Happily) Married

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IHappily married‘ve been married 15 years, and no, it hasn’t been easy. In fact, it’s been a 15-year Ironman that requires the equivalent of a daily training regimen. Throughout the years, we’ve confronted major adversity and also have experienced moments of nirvana and immense joy. We’ve grown to appreciate that marriage is a lifelong journey we’re on together. And it has taken us 15 years to get to the place we’re at today and like all other couples, are continuously evolving in our communication, roles and relationship as a whole.

So without further ado, in true Letterman fashion, I humbly present my top 10 signs you’re in a good place:

1 – You either finish each other’s sentences when out in public or sit comfortably in absolute silence when alone together.

2 – Daily dialogues exist in your own peculiar code language. For example, taken from your network of contacts, you’ve developed a vast database of aliases whereby each one conveys an entire life perspective. Thus, when your spouse’s behavior requires a tune-up, you effectively snap him to his senses with a quick “alias (name) drop.”

3 – You still make each other laugh a lot, and have built up a repertoire of witty material that would rival that of any career comedian.

4 – You’re 100 percent yourself and unreservedly confide your hidden agendas and Machiavellian aspirations.

5 – You come clean about your biggest insecurities, anxieties and fears and encourage each other when the other feels weak.

6 – Your kids know they face a united front and no longer bother trying to play one parent against the other.

7 – You challenge your spouse to sniff unwashed parts of your body — just for kicks, because you’re still immature like that.

8 – Your spouse forces you to look in the mirror and face your biggest flaws then mercilessly challenges you to somehow work them out.

9 – You attend weddings and witness newlyweds profess their undying love and devotion to one another. And in unison, nod knowingly, for only through pain and suffering will those proclamations ultimately prove true or false.

10 – You know that together, you can conquer the world and have the years, wrinkles, gray hairs, and history to prove it!

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