10 Best Things About Being Married

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10 best things about getting married

10 best things about getting married

There are just so many thing that are wonderful about being married.   I’m sure that everyone has his or her own list.  Here’s my suggestions for a “10 Best Things About Being Married.

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    • You never have to go home!
    • You get to sleep over with your best friend every night.
    • You’ve finally found the person who accepts you just as you are.
    • You have that special person to share your best moments with.
    • You have a person “in your corner.”
    • You get to say, “Sorry, I’m married” when people hit on you.
    • Married people live longer than single people.
    • You get to be part of a family – and that can be just you and your spouse.
    • You get to share the adventure of life with someone special!
    • You’ll never be alone again.

Okay, I’ve shared 10 best things, what’s your list?

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